Cultural Experiences

Relationships made over the years enable us to provide you with the most memorable cultural tours available blending the ‘must see’ attractions with interactions with local people – always balancing nature, culture and history. 


Exceptional Value

Our tours are leisurely yet comprehensive. We won’t take you to an area and suggest costly “optional” activities to make your tour complete – we’ve already included them plus much more. Dollar for dollar we offer exceptional value.


Small Groups

Travelling in a small group has many benefits – the possibility for more intimate accommodation and restaurants, the ability to have flexible itineraries and make spontaneous stops, and getting to know others on the tour.  You feel less intrusive and more like a traveller than a tourist.


Relaxed Pace

We slow it down staying 2 or 3 nights in most locations giving you a better sense of the area. Morning starts are rarely before 9:00, and we finish in time for you to relax or strike out on your own.  We promise that you will see and experience much, but not return home exhausted.


Let Us Inspire You To Delve Deeper When You Travel

Cultural travel is more than a vacation. It’s the opportunity to get to know a country and its people in a more in-depth and personal way.

We have created unique escorted tours to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia & Nicaragua that create lifetime memories. We invite you to join us to discover what lies on and beyond the beaches - off the beaten path.


Leisurely Paced Small Group Tours

Classic Colombia – Feb 22 to Mar 09, 2019
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Western Cuba Tour: The Heart of Cuba – Feb 2 to 16, 2019
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Nicaragua: A Jewel Revealed – Jan 19 to Feb 2, 2019
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Costa Rica: In Depth Tour – Feb 2 to 15, 2019
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Custom Tours
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