Best Birdwatching Spots in Ecuador

Home of more than 90 species of birds, Hacienda Jimenita is birdwatching heaven.

We take special care of our winged friends each day so that our guests can enjoy their magical company.

Golden Rumped Euphonia, Blue and White Swallow, Southern Yellow Grosbeak, Blue and Yellow Tanagers, Rufous Collared Sparrow, Sparkling Violetear, American Krestel, Black Flowerpiercer, Black Tailed Trainbearer, Giant Hummingbird, Rufous Naped Brush Finch, Scarlet bellied tanager, White bellied woodstar, Streak throated bush tyrant, Vermellion flycatcher, Western Emerald, Ecuadorian Hillstar (Endemic), Black Breasted Puffleg (Endemic), Green tailed train bearer, Mountain Velvetbreast, Purple backed thombill, Sword billed Hummingbrid, Tyrian Metaltail, Great Sapphirewing and much more to be discovered.

Cock Of The Rock, Birding In Mindo And Hummingbird Garden

Mindo is a mountainous watershed situated in the western slopes of the Andes,where two of the most biologically diverse eco-regions in the world meet: the Chocoan Lowlands and the Tropical Andes. We will leave the Jimenita at 4am to go towards Angel Paz Reserve and arrive around 6am and see the Cock of the Rock. After 1 hour of seeing them we will have breakfast and have a 3-hour birding tour inside the reserve.

Mindo offers spectacular scenery of the Cloud Forest, diverse flora and fauna, exciting adventures, over 500 species of birds and hummingbirds including the Violet-Tailed Sylph, Brown Inca, Hoary Puffleg, Choco Toucan, Golden headed Quetzal, Wattled Guan, Red headed Barbet and many others.

On our way back we will stop in the hummingbird garden eat a lunch in this amazing place and head back to the Jimenita to be arriving around 3-4pm.

Excursion to the Yanacocha Reserve

This is also a place where with your visit you help to fund conservation and the study of environment that is endemic of Quito. This is not your average tourist destination; this one is for nature lovers where you will find the opportunity to get a glance of how it was before the colonization.

YANACOCHA-3.jpgThere is an excellent hike to the waterfalls that is a trail of approximately 6km, and walk pass by tunnels, hummingbird gardens that will turn this walk into a place where you won’t forget easily.



Ancient Stronghold of Quitoloma

 After two very limited investigations done by the Ecuadorian government they claim this was built in the XV century however in their final report they stated that it could be much older than that, but due to the limit resources they couldn’t conduct more tests or search for more evidences to backup this claim.

Additional we have that this remote location remains intact thanks to the local community that looks after it and we support by visiting it.

La Jimenita’s Condor Tour

Upon arrival to the reserve, we will have different small hikes in strategic points to look out for condors flying and if we are lucky see them in the nest or feeding from dead cows.

We will observe birds, endemic mammals of the paramo region and native plants. and if weather allows, we will have a great view of Antisana, Sincholagua and Cotopaxi volcanoes while having a picnic and resting in the “pajonales” and enjoying nature.


Credit: Hacienda Jimenita, Ecuador Wildlife Reserve