Cuba is changing…Yes it is.

A Cuban friend who lives in Havana and is associated with tourism commented on the busy season that Cuba is having.  “Everybody wants to see Cuba before it gets flooded with Americans.”  “Honestly” he went on, “it will happen soon.  We already started to sell the country.  Last week there was an info sent to all the (Cuban) travel agencies: ‘It’s been denied to all of them to book the Hotel Nacional. ‘ .  It means that the hotel will be exclusive for the U.S. tourists.  What do you think about it?”

What do I think? This is just my opinion. While I expected and know that changes are happening quickly this one was not expected and I was shocked to learn about this. It seems like a step back in time pre- Revolutionary when the Hotel Nacional was American Mafia owned and primarily occupied by people from the United States.  I hope the information he passed on to me is incorrect.  Rumours in Cuba are a way of life with the restrictions on communication.  I guess we’ll see what happens next…..