Hi, I’m Debbie Hetherington.  I have been in the travel industry for over 30 years, and I can assure you it’s never been boring!   My extensive travels have included motor coach tours, cruise ships, river cruises, and numerous resort beach stays.


Debbie Hetherington: Rome, Italy

Most recently I spent a week in Ireland; famous for Guinness, the Blarney Stone, good music and craic! I enjoyed the cosmopolitan city of Dublin and  learning about the tragic history of “the troubles” in Belfast and Londonderry, before enjoying the scenery and good times in the South.

Over the years I have visited an extensive list of Caribbean Islands, most of the major resort areas throughout Mexico, cruised from Montreal to New York, and walked on the great wall in China!  I’ve skied in Switzerland, went to shows in Las Vegas, a luau in Hawaii, stayed in overwater bungalows in Tahiti and took my family to Disneyworld.  Some additional European stops have included England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and France.

I am an Avalon Waterway (River Cruise) Specialist, and continually upgrade my travel education with ongoing courses and travel experiences so I can pass this valuable information onto my clients to help them  wade through the travel maze!

I can recommend travel possibilities you may not have even considered!

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Email: Debbie@mcphailtravel.net