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Costa Rica

Costa Rica


El Salvador

What makes our tours unique?

We offer travel experiences with a difference. We’ll take you on gentle hikes in beautiful biosphere reserves; stay in colonial towns and on quiet beaches. Feel the pulse of Havana, ride on the Hershey Train in Cuba, or a tuk-tuk taxi in El Salvador. Marvel at the unsurpassed wildlife in Costa Rica….

Then we step it up a notch and show you what really sets us apart.

You will meet local people in all walks of life where they work and live. Depending on the tour you choose you may visit a ranch, an organic farm, a school of music or visit a boxing school where the coach proudly points to photos of Olympic champions who trained there. See how one man changed his backyard into an incredible community cultural centre, and another transformed his neighbourhood into a burst of colour covering buildings and fences with mosaics. We’ll take you to places not possible with larger companies, or when traveling independently.


We carefully design itineraries balancing local culture, history and nature – staying in cities, rural areas, on quiet beaches and in national parks. We visit the “must see” tourist attractions, and then take you off the regular tourist beat to see lesser known sites and meet with the local people. Over the years friends and contacts have enabled us to enrich our tours in ways not possible for larger companies.


While our tours are planned, they are also very flexible. If there is something interesting happening along the way we often stop to check it out. Free time is built into every tour so you will have the opportunity to relax or explore further on your own. We’ve had many people who had never been on an escorted tour before who were pleasantly surprised at the casual atmosphere created.


Our tours are leisurely but comprehensive. Unlike other companies we don’t just take you to an area and “suggest” what you should see or do there. We won’t be handed a list of “optional” tours you need to consider to fill out the tour – we’ve already included many interesting and quirky stops. Dollar for dollar, we offer incredible value.


We slow it down often staying 2 or 3 nights in each location so you can unpack and get a true sense of the area. Start times are reasonable and we finish the day’s activities so that you have time to relax or strike out on your own. A 2 night stop at small ocean side resort is included in every two week tour.


The difference between a good and a great tour are the people leading it. Our local guides are not only knowledgeable experts that can provide you with a personal look at their country, but they also have warm personalities, a sense of humour and enjoy spending time with the group during “down times”. A Canadian Tour Leader also accompanies our 2 week tours and together they help to make your vacation extraordinary!


(maximum 21 in Cuba and Costa Rica, and only 18 in El Salvador ) Travelling in a small group has numerous benefits. You get to know your fellow travelers, dine in smaller restaurants, stay in more intimate accommodation, and use smaller motor coaches to get into those lesser traveled areas. You feel less intrusive and more like a traveller than a tourist.


Anyone who has a desire to see and learn about a country beyond the usual tourist areas, experience the culture, meet the people, and are adaptable to different customs. In general our tour members are 45 years and up.

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