” Did this tour life up to your expectations? – Yes, and even more. I can’t imagine travelling to Cuba now for a beach holiday. It has so much more to offer and your company sure knows how to show Cuba as it really is through its rich culture and heritage. Let’s hope the golden arches are forever banned…. Keep doing these wonderful educational trips with a small-size group. Loved it all”!

– Alicia, Etobicoke, ON

This seemed to me to be a busy, active tour which I enjoyed. The free time was adequate and well-timed for locations that had opportunities to engage in activities on our own. Thank you, Erma, for building this tour.

– Kathryn Luger, Darlingford, MB

I appreciated a Cuban experience rather than a trip. Gaining glimpses of the music, art, and daily livelihoods of the people today and in the past made for a rich appreciation of this tenacious country.

– Joan Bartley, Winnipeg, MB

Had a wonderful time- thank you for all your TLC and special Erma “Happy Hours”! I look forward to a future trip with you.

– Linda Lindsay, Winnipeg, MB

Thanks for a unique and informative overview of Central and Western Cuba. So glad to have had the opportunity to visit this diverse country with you. Your local Cuban guide and driver were outstanding.

– Dirk Povinsky, Oshawa, ON



What was your favourite aspect of the tour? – The cultural experiences: the opera, the ballet, the choir at the Trova House, and also the boxing school. Also, “happy hour” discussing Cuba and the world with Sandor (the guide) and laughing at Jorge’s (the driver) expressive gestures.

– 2014 tour participant

We have done other trips in the past and, in our opinion, this is probably the best balanced trip we ever had. We never felt pressured. Also, the fact that you limit the number of participants to approximately 20 people is definitely something we have enjoyed.”
What was your favourite aspect of the tour? “Exchange with Cuban people in their working/living place.

– Lise Prevost & Jacques Morin, Gatineau, Quebec

Did the tour live up to your expectations?  “Yes! In fact, it was not a ‘tour’, it was an adventure!”  “Cuba Discovery Tours – A great way to turn a trip into an adventure!

– Bruce Johnson, Winnipeg, MB

It was an excellent way to get to know Eastern Cuba, its people and its culture. We especially enjoyed the intimacy of the small group.  We never felt “rushed” or “stressed”. You’re doing a great job!

– Dale and Jerry Lynch, Orillia, ON

Cuba is so much more than all-inclusives. Take a Cuba tour with Cuba Discovery Tours and find out what the real Cuba is all about!” “Thanks for a wonderful tour Erma. I like the small group aspect which was half the fun.

– Douwe Smid, Medicine Hat, AB

This tour met and exceeded my expectations! We miss Pochy and Abel!

– Heather Meggison, Goodlands, MB



I LOVE your philosophy of small groups, at least two nights per hotel, along with reasonable start and stop times. I have experienced over 60 countries, and Costa Rica and this particular tour rates near the top of the list.

– Elizabeth Kemp, Winnipeg, MB

Willie delivered an all around enjoyable experience! The guide Fabien is a superb guide- likeable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, up-beat and has a great sense of humor. The tour overall had an excellent balance and pace, stops and free time.

– Lionel Steiman, Winnipeg, MB

Very experienced tour organizers guided us within a stunningly beautiful tropical country with a proud history, and a truly enviable environmental record.

– Shirley Hogue, Winnipeg, MB

A major aspect of my work is organizing. It was a pleasure to have everything organized and tour leaders who were knowledgeable, competent and friendly. I could relax and let someone else do the leading for two weeks. It was great.

– Ron Hayes, Winnipeg, MB

A well run and interesting tour to a tropical rainforest paradise. A type of holiday to see many things not seen before, with a Costa Rican (Tico) guide who made the visits to all places easy to understand and enjoy.

– Peter and Jean Boulton, Wawanesa, MB

Our experience has been that compared with other tours we have taken, Discovery Tours are great value for our travel dollar with loads of extra highlights that are not mentioned in the brochures.

– Linda and Neil MacNair, Grayswille, MB

Willie made the trip very enjoyable.  We had excellent accommodations, good food and side trips.

– Earl Nickolas, Tavistock, ON

The Costa Rica Discovery Tour is aptly named.  Throughout the tour I gained access to a different world and developed a deeper understanding of Costa Rica and its people.  It was truly an enriching journey.

– Liz Short, Toronto ON


I feel that I came, I saw, and experienced the history, culture and natural beauty of El Salvador that I could not have done on my own or with a larger tour company that only scratches the surface.

– Gary Armstrong, Waterford ON

“This is a tour that looks beyond surfaces to introduce visitors to the true spirit, beauty and history of El Salvador.  It exceeded my expectations in its depth, diversity and delicious food.” (Thank you for putting together a tour to a little known country with so many ties to Brandon.)

– Beth Davies, Brandon, MB

I liked the pace of the tour.  We left in the morning at a reasonable time, we had some time to relax during the day – often at happy hour time.  The guide gave us as much information as possible about the next visit.  Having a more relaxed pace for the last few days was good.

– Shirley Armstrong, Brandon, MB

This trip opened my eyes to the beauty of El Salvador and its people. It was a history lesson I will never forget.  The tour guides made it an adventure filled with laughter and we met the people where they live and work.  I felt safe the entire trip.

– Joan Murphy, Moose Jaw, SK

For me a worthwhile travel experience needs to be educational, inspirational and motivational because these factors allow a person to open his or her mind with an increased sense of tolerance and interest. Travel then goes far beyond just seeing different things and it becomes more relevant to the individual. These features certainly applied to this trip to El Salvador.

– – Arlene Wilson, The Pas, MB

You provide a tour that keeps a balance between enjoying the beauties of a country and that provides information that helps to more fully understand the past, present and future of the people.

– – Dennis Wilton, Carman MB

What was our favourite aspect of the tour? – The connection with the local people. They are very friendly people who seem to take pride in telling us about their country (even the tragic events) and also seem to be willing to do what it takes to make our visit enjoyable. Warm and friendly locals, great tour leaders, terrific food and glorious weather all made this a very memorable holiday.

As always, we were treated to more tours and experiences than the itinerary promised. (Discovery Tour Note: Neil and Linda have also travelled with us to Cuba and Costa Rica.)

– – Linda and Neil MacNair, Graysville, MB


We have done many tours over the years and the two tours (Nicaragua & Western Cuba) that we have taken with McPhail Travel are far superior to any of the others we have taken. Both tour escorts we had were excellent! Erma and Paulette are the best.

– Nancy and Dick Goertzen, Langley, BC


This was our first trip with McPhail Travel Discovery Tours and certainly will not be our last.

– Reba Meyer, Gilbert Plains, MB

We have done many tours over the years and the two tours that we have taken with McPhail are far superior to any of the others we have taken. The tour directors are excellent!

– Nancy Goertzen, Langley, BC