5 reasons why you should visit Central America on a group tour

5 reasons why you should visit Central America on a group tour
Tropical emerald forests teeming with colorful native birds and hooting monkeys high up in the canopies are alluring, as are the royal navy tones of the Pacific Ocean and the tints of turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.
With so much ground to be covered, joining a group tour brought ease, convenience and a lot of fun to the whole travel experience.
Yo no hablo Español
With my very limited Spanish language skills, having a local guide with you will come in very handy. Breaking down the language barrier with a Spanish-speaking guide allows you to connect with locals and learn what their lives are like on a day-to-day basis.
Exploring with ready-made friends
One of the greatest perks of group travel is having ready-made friends to explore and do activities with, which – for most – is a lot more enjoyable than traveling solo. Not only do you have the fun and adventurous moments to share, but playing a game or two of ‘Heads Up!’ and having a chat on the bus (in between naps) can also make those 8-hour travel days a lot more interesting!
Advice on eating out
Having dietary restrictions can be a little bit challenging when traveling. And when you couple that with a language barrier, it can prove even more difficult. With a local guide you can go beyond the typical (but delicious) rice and beans and try various modifications of local dishes.
Tried-and-tested recommendations
Having a local guide who had previously been to the spots we were visiting meant that we got tried-and-tested recommendations. From the best restaurants and bars in tiny towns along the Caribbean coast to which of the many activities to partake in, we were given some stellar suggestions that helped maximize our time in each location.
Not only will you leave Central America having experienced the landscapes you set out to explore, you will met and connect with friendly locals, find adventures with new friends and enjoy memories with fellow travelers that you will laugh about for years to come.

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