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The mind-boggling landscapes, ancient history and several Wonders of the World, make South America a traveler’s dream

Discovery Small Group Tours are a fantastic way to experience all that Central and South America have to offer. Fully immerse yourself in the culture... read more

Experience the northern frontier town of Churchill and the wonderful wildlife surrounding it on a 2 night, 3 days – Polar Bear Adventure!

This hotel-based adventure offers the excitement of polar bear viewing from a Tundra Buggy, and the opportunity to take in the eclectic charm of this... read more

Why Discovery Tours? What sets us apart from other tour companies.

Small GroupsTravelling in a small group has many benefits – the possibility for more intimate accommodation and restaurants, the ability to have flexible itineraries and... read more

Quito and beyond: 3 things to do in Ecuador after a Galapagos trip

There is no single reason, there are several reasons why Quito is considered one of the Leading Destinations of South America and one of the... read more

Unique small group cultural tours 'Off the beaten track” since 1995

There is SO much more to Panama than canals and hats. Situated on the narrow isthmus bridging Central and South America, travellers will be wowed... read more

5 reasons why you should visit Central America on a group tour

Tropical emerald forests teeming with colorful native birds and hooting monkeys high up in the canopies are alluring, as are the royal navy tones of... read more