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Quito and beyond: 3 things to do in Ecuador after a Galapagos trip

There is no single reason, there are several reasons why Quito is considered one of the Leading Destinations of South America and one of the... read more

Galapagos Marine Reserve

The Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the largest and most biologically diverse marine protected areas in the world. It covers 133,000 square kilometers (51,352... read more

Ecuador and Galapagos Highlights

A truly unique lifetime adventure blending the spectacular geography of Quito UNESCO city with the cloud forest and with the enchanted Galápagos Islands, the islands... read more

Unique small group cultural tours 'Off the beaten track” since 1995

There is SO much more to Panama than canals and hats. Situated on the narrow isthmus bridging Central and South America, travellers will be wowed... read more

5 reasons why you should visit Central America on a group tour

Tropical emerald forests teeming with colorful native birds and hooting monkeys high up in the canopies are alluring, as are the royal navy tones of... read more

Galapagos Islands Birds

Birdwatchers come from all over the world to visit the Galapagos Islands, where there are hundreds of bird species to be seen. Many of them... read more

4 places that prove Panama is the most underrated country in Central America

Up until recently, Panama had never really been high on my travel radar. But when watching the Islands episode of BBC’s Planet Earth II, I... read more

We invite you to join in on the journey of discovery and exploration through Central and South America

Below is a list featuring our first quarter of tours for 2020. Full details on any of these trips is a click or toll-free call... read more

Journey through Panama with us January 19th to February 2nd!

Idyllic Islands, Untamed Rainforests and the world’s greatest canal – for a small country, Panama packs quite a punch. Add a cosmopolitan capital, a festival-packed... read more

Travel with us to Cuba this winter! Explore the Heart of Cuba including Havana: February 1st to 15th, 2020

Beyond what the world’s interpretation of what Cuba has been, lies a country that is full of life. Our Cuba group tours introduce you to... read more